Katy Perry has had her fans wondering what she’s up to for days. The pop star has been dropping cryptic hints about her single “Bon Appetit,” and it’s been driving us nuts! The most mysterious one was an Instagram post with a recipe for cherry pie that simply said “bake me a pie and you may get a surprise“. We recently wrote about all the fan theories about what that could possibly mean. Luckily for us, the mystery has been solved.

Katy Perry just did a video for Buzzfeed’s Tasty where she revealed the secret behind the recipe!

The good news is that everyone was kind of right. Yes, the cherry pie recipe was actually a cherry pie recipe. It’s apparently Perry’s manager’s recipe, and she demonstrates it true Tasty fashion with cool, quick, delicious looking shots! However, Perry points out that it was also a treasure hunt for lyrics. There are in fact a few lyrics in the recipe. The one she calls out specifically is “calm those hungry eyes.”

She also goes on to reveal that she did want everyone to make a pie as a fun fan activity. She then talks about the significance of cherry pie in pop culture, and her opinions on the musical process.

All and all, we’ve got to say that was a pretty good reveal. It is so satisfying to know that Perry did want us to try to figure out what she was up to based on clues she dropped.

Also, as predicted, that pie looks amazing!

So thank you Katy! This was so much fun, and we loved hearing your reveal while watching you cook a cherry pie. You certainly know how to keep your fans hungry for more.