Krista Jensen
Updated Feb 07, 2017 @ 2:36 pm
Katy Perry
Credit: Katy Perry/

Between Beyoncé’s silent drop of the audio/visual Lemonade at midnight last year, or January’s news that legend Iggy Pop has recorded a secret collab with Josh Homme and the Artic Monkeys, it seems that normal scheduled music releases have become a thing of the past. Case in point: Katy Perry’s trail of clues regarding her next project. The singer is playing Easter Bunny with us and let’s just say, it’s a little early — but we’re still game. In a short time-lapse video of a Hollywood billboard being put up (it says her name and sports a 50-foot photo of her flawless face), the star has clued us in that this is probably one little piece to a pretty involved puzzle. Come on, gang! There’s a mystery afoot!

Katy Perry is toying with us a little and we 100% don’t mind. What’s life without a little mystery?

The location of the billboard is 8292 Sunset Blvd, which could perhaps pertain to something statistical. Sunset could be a hint in itself, it’s a musical (currently on Broadway starring Glenn Close) and one of the most famous routes in LA. We thought this idea had legs until it was revealed to us that February 10th is not the date of the next clue, but the date of a major single release instead. Read on…

Most fans have agreed that the billboard, with it’s tousled blonde Katy over a cotton candy-esque background relates to the release of her new single “Chained to the Rhythm,” and others say it’s a whole new surprise album, since that’s the going trend. A very sleuthy fan screenshotted this little diddy released (and then deleted!) by Billboard magazine, adding the ominous message: KATY IS COMING. The snippet confirms the single’s Friday release date. false

We can pretty safely bet that “Chained” will make its live debut at the Grammy’s this Sunday, at which Katy is set to perform and *maybe* drop another clue about *maybe* a new album? She wouldn’t be the first star to benefit sales-wise from a big event (Lady Gaga’s Joanne experienced an “over 1000%” sales increase after her epic halftime show performance) so maybe she’s lining things up on purpose to punch up the release of her first album in three years. Who knows. All we do know, is that we are paying very, very close attention. Which is exactly what Katy wants.