Lilian Min
July 09, 2016 11:12 am
Hardly Art

When you think of pioneers in feminist music, Kathleen Hanna’s name immediately comes to mind. The punk legend first made ways with the band Bikini Kill, but her commitment to twee styling and radical politics continues through to now. Her latest band, The Julie Ruin, just released its latest album Hit Reset yesterday, and Hanna stars in the new video for the band’s single “I’m Done” as an unwilling participant in digital harassment culture. Girl, same.

Burak Cingi / Redferns via Getty Images

“I’m Done” is, in the grand tradition of Kathleen Hanna songs, an upbeat dance tune with dryly dark lyrics. It also, hilariously but also dismissively, begins with a riff off of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets,” wherein public figures are asked to read mean comments about themselves. Those of us who’ve seen those Mean Tweets clips before know that the things celebs are asked to read are the nicest insults of the bunch, things like “[Said person] looks like a snail” versus the death threats, racial and gender-based slurs, and spam that inundate many marginalized members of the online community.

With this dismissal, Hanna sets her stage, and promptly walks off of it. The rest of the “I’m Done” video is a mixture of vintage Windows slideshows, some gorgeous, mod-adjacent fashion, and some fabulous makeup. (Oh, and a great song message about leaving people alone. Seriously, ban all comments.) Watch it below: