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Just in case Kanye West needed another reason to publicly declare his awesomeness, the rapper recently pulled off another major feat for the Yeezy record books. During Monday night’s tour stop at Madison Square Garden, West’s tour merch sales surpassed those of the pope’s, Idolator reports.

Who else thinks West is somewhere giving himself a one-man standing ovation rn?

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According to TMZ, Yeezy fans bought $780,000 worth of tour souvenirs compared to Pope Francis’ previous sales record of $540,000, which took place during a 2015 mass held at the same venue. While the pope’s attendees bought crucifixes, rosaries and Christmas ornaments, Yeezy’s concertgoers took a cue from his global pop-up shop customers by binge-shopping on Saint Pablo T-shirts and dad hats.

And now comes the inevitable countdown to the moment Yeezy not-so-subtly name drops the pope in a song about why the day his Saint Pablo tour merch broke a sales record should be declared an international holiday. Feel free to quote us on this, but we’re totally expecting “I outsold the pope” to become Yeezy’s all-time favorite mantra.

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