Credit: Instagram/Justin Bieber

Just in case you weren’t already under the impression that Justin Bieber is a multi-talented artist who consistently surprises his fans with intimate music, here’s concrete evidence! Bieber sings in Spanish in a sexy new collaboration with Latin stars Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee on their new remix of “Despacito” (that means “Slowly” in English).

Don’t be fooled though, it’s not so much a slow jam as an energetic track that oozes with sex appeal — the lyrics include “Baby take it slow so we can last long,” and trust us, you will want this song to last long…because it’s that good. We’re talking about ultra smooth vocals from the Biebs, — yup, he’s proving serious versatility here.

Ready to give it a listen?

Our reaction at hearing Bieber sing in Spanish can be summarized as:

And unsurprisingly, the internet people are voicing their enthusiasm! false

It’s amazing how Bieber is evolving as an artist and experimenting with new sounds and styles. And while we kinda sometimes miss the old Biebs who flipped his hair and made heart signs with his hands and sang “Baby,” he’s becoming such an impressive adult musician.

Speaking of performing, Bieber is currently on his massive stadium tour (stadiums!) for the Purpose album, meaning that he’s literally taking over the world. How he does this as a one-man-band is beyond us…

And we can’t wait to see what moves and shakes he comes up with next. Just don’t grow up TOO fast, Justin…we want to savor every moment!

We hope this made your day, because it certainly made ours. HAPPY MONDAY!