Trilby Beresford
January 11, 2017 9:04 am
Josh Brasted/Getty Images

So, we just welcomed the new year…and you know what that means, right?! Musical festival season will quickly be upon us! In fact, Bonnaroo just announced their 2017 lineup, and it genuinely looks amazing.

In case you don’t know, Bonnaroo is a Tennessee-based festival that literally goes for four, musically-packed days. OH YES IT DOES. Clear your schedule for June 8th-11th, because you’re not gonna want to miss these bands.

We’re talking BIG names like…U2, Chance the Rapper, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The xx, Lorde, Tegan & Sara, and The Head and the Heart!

via giphyAaaaaaand loads more like Major Lazer, Flume, Glass Animals and Cold War Kids! Ahhhhhhh.

Holy moly we’re losing our minds already and it’s only January. And hey, if you’re more into discovering lesser-known bands, there are plenty of up-and-comers, like The Orwells, to enjoy.

But seriously, get your tickets pronto because this amazingness will sell out fast. Is 2017 shaping up to be a great year, or what?!

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Now, it’s true that music festivals can be a teensy bit overwhelming (whether you’re a veteran or a newbie), so make sure you check out our 7 tips for attending your first or 100th music festival! It highlights things like that emergency toilet roll that you probably wouldn’t anticipate needing, the necessity of anti-bacterial hand gel, and other handy stuff to help you prepare accordingly.

Ready to have your mind blown with all the best bands? Check out the full lineup here:

Whether you’re checking out Bonnaroo for the first time or attending as a seasoned festival-goer, the most important thing is that you have fun and be safe. That means going with friends so you’ve got buddy support, which only makes everything more exciting!

Okay, can it be June already? Tennessee, we’re coming for youuuuuu (emergency toilet roll in hand!). Phew…yep, we’re feeling happy.

H/T: Entertainment Weekly