Stephanie Hallett
November 04, 2016 2:16 pm

Excuse us while we wipe away some serious tears, you guys. John Legend released a snippet of the video for “Love Me Now,” his new single, on Instagram today, and it’s giving us allllllll the feels.

In the tiny sneak peek, we see John’s wife, our #1 girl crush Chrissy Teigen, snuggling with her husband and their six-month-old baby, Luna. The family looks ridiculously happy, and the shots of John crooning and cuddling up with his adorable little girl are next-level #familygoals.

About halfway through the video John and Chrissy each kiss Luna on one of her cheeks — squishing her little face in the sweetest baby sandwich ever. (You’re definitely ready to watch now, aren’t you?)

Take a look!

In addition to the super-cute Teigen-Legend family moments, there are shots of in-love couples of all stripes throughout the clip. And according to the video’s director, Nabil Elderkin, “[‘Love Me Now’ was] shot round the world, from Standing Rock to Iraq.”


In a previously released statement, John explained that “‘Love Me Now’ is all about living and loving to the fullest, no matter what tomorrow may bring.” He added, “I’m so excited to finally share music from my new album. I’ve put a lot of love and energy into making this album special. I hope my fans can feel it.”

The new album, Darkness and Light, is due out December 2nd, but you can pre-order it now and get immediate access to the full “Love Me Now” single. Then feel free to recreate the video this weekend with your boo.