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We love a good undercover prank — especially when celebrities are involved. So we’re obviously obsessed with the fact that Joe Jonas just went undercover as a Lyft driver — with DNCE in tow of course. Not only was the whole thing hilarious AF, but we are beyond impressed with how well Joe and his bandmates were able to slip into their pretend personas (Joe was the Lyft driver picking up unsuspecting passengers, and the rest of the crew were “passengers” he picked up along the way).

Joe effortlessly slipped in lines like, “I’m trying to make it in music,” and (when told he looks like Joe Jonas) “I get that literally all the time.”

And the prank of course culminated with the crew picking up impromptu instruments and jamming out for bewildered passengers.

But enough talk, let’s just see it for ourselves.

Pretty freaking amazing, right?

The prank was done in part to promote the band’s new collaboration with Nicki Minaj, “Kissing Strangers,” which — if you haven’t heard — is pure summer dance fun. Take a listen:

Solid, right?! It basically feels like “Cake By the Ocean” part two, and we’re not mad about it.

Now excuse us while we go watch that Lyft prank again/send it to everyone we know. Because it’s Wednesday, and we need this.