Trilby Beresford
Updated Feb 09, 2017 @ 1:53 pm
Credit: Instagram/Jennifer Lopez

Okay, yesterday we were totally inspired by J-Lo when she posted a ridiculously high-energy rehearsal video from her Vegas show, and now she’s upped her game even MORE (too many fitness and life goals to count)!

PREPARE THYSELF: Jennifer Lopez shows off a dazzling sexy sequined leotard, along with an amazing on-stage clip.

She is literally shaking her booty like a QUEEN. Like, seriously guys, we have watched this video several times and it is almost scary how little she has changed over the years. What voodoo fairy vampire magic is this?! (And don’t tell us it’s exercise and eating right…like, that’s probably true…but we don’t want to hear it). We’re currently bowing down to this literal goddess, because we seriously could not move like this if we tried (and trust us, we have).

Okay, this was a quick snap pre-show (before the video):

And here’s the SHOW!

Kind of…sort of…speechless. The way J-Lo commands the stage with her confidence and charisma is mesmerizing.

Also, yes, we mentioned something about a leotard, and you may be interested in THIS:

Her new costume is so sparkly it hurts our eyes! In a good way of course. Also in a “we would like to try that on right now and also maybe keep it please” kind of way. She just keeps climbing to new heights of mega-greatness.

We’re glad that she’s also finding time to relax and unwind after the show, because every booty body needs rest.

J-Lo is definitely having an epic 2017 so far, and it’s only going to get better. She’s signed to appear as a judge and mentor on a new competitive dance series, World of Dance (like The Voice, but for dancers), and we couldn’t think of anyone more appropriate for the position.

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