We’re not sure how anyone managed to get work done today because Jay-Z’s 13th album 4:44 hit Tidal, and it features a collection of deeply personal songs that have fans completely shook. One such song titled “Smile” includes a heartfelt ode to Jay-Z’s mom Gloria Carter, who came out as a lesbian later in life.

What makes the lyrics to “Smile” even more heartfelt is a cameo by Jay’s mom herself, who appears on the song to add more perspective and depth to her son’s recollection of what it was like for her to conceal her sexual identity.

On the song, Jay raps:

Jay-Z’s mom follows up with her monologue, painting a vivid picture of the emotions she experienced before coming out.

She closes out her contribution by declaring that while “living in the shadows” felt like the safest place for her, she chooses to be free and love who she wants to.

Between addressing Beyoncé’s miscarriages and the couple’s alleged relationship issues and going public about his alleged rift with Kanye West, it’s apparent that Jay-Z laid it all out for the masses on his latest album. The inspiring candor he and his mom exhibited on their duet is just one reason why we’ll be talking about 4:44 for a long time to come.