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The last few months have seen a TON of celebs rallying around Hillary Clinton, and she’s just added another superstar to her roster. We just learned that Jay Z will perform in Ohio at a Hillary benefit to encourage black voters to vote for the Democratic nominee this year.

Rihanna endorsed Clinton last week along with a host of other celebrities, so Jay Z is joining at a crucial time. There are only 15 days left until voting day — and the Clinton campaign is out in full force.

Jay Z’s concert is set to take place in Cleveland with an appearance by LeBron James, and many young voters of color are expected to attend.

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This is not the first time Jay Z has publicly supported a political candidate. In 2012 he performed in support of President Obama’s re-election, so he’s no stranger to getting out there and emphasizing the importance of voting.

He’s also made it clear that he feels particularly strongly about nonsensical violence from law enforcement, and a couple of months ago released the track “Spiritual,” about police brutality. This is a very important issue for many young people of color — especially men — and their voices will be vital come polling day.


We’re super happy to see Jay Z using his immense platform for such a tremendously good cause. We know it will make a difference!

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