Credit: Matthew Eisman / WireImage / Getty Images

Jay Z and Coldplay have one big thing in common —they’re both incredible. Both the rapper and the group have had so many hits throughout the years, that of course they’d be on the A-list when it comes to big events. As it turns out, both Coldplay and Jay Z will be headlining the Global Citizen Festival in India this year.

So, what is this wonderful festival about, you may ask. Well, the Global Citizen organization is a social action platform that hopes to end poverty by 2030. Headquartered in New York with offices worldwide, the overseas concert — a first for the organization — will be held on November 19th in Mumbai. Demi Lovato is also scheduled to perform.

This concert will be legendary for a few reasons. First, entry is technically free — all you need to do to enter is participate in a few charitable acts (which, you should probably do anyway, to help make the world shine a bit brighter.) Second, as mentioned, it’s the first international festival for Global Citizen, and will likely be tough to beat. And third, this is the very first time in India for both Jay Z and Coldplay — and, it’s about time they check out the beautiful country.

Global Citizen typically runs a fest in New York, which both Jay Z and Coldplay are more than familiar with. The fact that they’re willing to headline the very first in India just proves that the organization is pretty incredible. Chris Martin actually does some behind-the-scenes work with the charity as well.

So, let’s get back to the “entry fee” — the model for past festivals was pretty simple. Participants took action by signing petitions, or using social media to get the word out about important causes that might contribute to poverty.

According to Rolling Stone, participants this year will focus on taking donations through a site called Ketto. Those donations will go towards supporting orphaned children.

For those who are local, this is definitely a show worth attending. Or, for those looking for a brief break from the United States, perhaps booking a plane ticket would be a fun little escape. No matter what, we’re loving the fact that the organization truly functions around people making the world a better place to live.