Sundi Rose
July 10, 2016 9:47 am
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

His birthday may have been July 7, but Jaden Smith gave us a really important gift. He dropped his single. “Labor V2” via Twitter this week, and the single is sending an incredibly important message about acceptance and unity.

Jaden opens the 7-minute track with a 2 full minutes of a string instrumental, and ends with a catchy outro. In between, Jaden raps about all the controversies he’s faced in his 18 short years. He raps, “Confused teen, and I might be/ In between an innovator and a hype beast/ And I know you don’t like me.” He also drops Miley Cyrus’ name and calls himself, “Young Calabasas kingpin,” so there’s obviously no shortage of swagger.

“Labor V2” also addresses race, and couldn’t come at a more relevant time. With serious honesty, he sings, “And how many times am I telling them/ Just because you see the melanin doesn’t mean that I’m a felon/ I’m here to show you the intelligence.” These words are more important now than ever, and Jaden is making such a positive contribution to the current conversation about race. calls the song, “hypnotic and jazzy” and gives us all hope that he’ll follow through on his promise to finish his album.

He’s racking up some major street cred in the music biz, having performed with Lido at this year’s Coachella and went on to collaborate with the Norwegian-born singer on the album, Everything. He also contributed to Rich the Kid’s Rich Forever 2 mixtape.

Jaden’s song is not his first efforts in addressing social issues. He appeared in the Spring Summer 2016 Louis Vuitton Women’s Wear Campaign and got a lot of blowback for appearing in women’s clothes for the ad. Not too many folks can look this fly AND break ground, simultaneously.

It looks like 2016 is Jaden’s year, because aside from his new single and the LV campaign, he is also making a guest appearance in the Baz Luhrmann Netflix series The Get Down with Nas, and he’s the current Nylon magazine cover model!

Jaden Smith is talented in all these different ways, but it’s great that he’s using his talent to join in important social discussions. Happy 18th birthday, Jaden, keep on killing it.

Check out the full song below: