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Our favorite on-again/off-again musical couple is at it again, teasing us ~mercilessly~ about the status of their relationship. Though Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez officially called it quits ages ago, Justin hasn’t exactly been subtle about his maybe-feelings for his former lady love. While the songstress/actress/Queen of Instagram has remained relatively quiet about the whole thing, a recent Snapchat has sent all of the internet into quite a tizzy.

In a two-second video clip shared by Selena via Snapchat yesterday, you can distinctly make out Selena singing a song. Again, it’s only two seconds, so you can barely hear anything, but savvy listeners have distinctly made out that it’s a recording of Selena singing her own version of “Let Me Love You”— a new single by her ex Justin and DJ Snake.

I KNOW. Crazy right? Selena’s coy smile in the snap pretty much confirms that she knows what she’s snapping is about to send Jelena fans across the world into a legit frenzy. But is Selena teasing a cover version — or a collaboration?

Let’s back up a lil’ bit before we get ~too~ excited.

DJ Snake first previewed the new tune via Twitter, sharing a video last week. Give it a quick listen for comparison purposes.

It’s totally the same song, right?! And a few of the lyrics seem super relevant to the Jelena romance: “Don’t you give up / I won’t give up / Let me love you.

As of yet, no one has OFFICIALLY confirmed or denied this collaboration or cover version. But DJ Snake has had some *very* telling Twitter activity since Selena’s snap went viral.

As ELLE pointed out, DJ Snake sent Selena this Tweet — the same day her snap was released.

What could this possibly be other than confirmation of a long-awaited post-breakup Jelena collabo?

Well, okay, it’s just a purple heart emoji, so technically it could mean basically anything, but it seems very meaningful given the context, no?

Even more incriminating/exciting: these alleged screenshots, also uncovered by ELLE, which appear to show DJ Snake confirming that Selena released her own version and liking a fan’s tweet about the upcoming song being a lowkey Jelena duet.

The liked tweet has since been un-liked and the confirming tweet deleted by DJ Snake, but assuming these screenshots are legit, this all seems very promising.

DJ Snake also retweeted an MTV UK article about the whole Selena snap kerfuffle, which pinpointed Selena’s preview as a cover version — not a collaboration.

Justin/DJ Snake’s single “Let Me Love You” isn’t set to be released until this Friday (August 5th) with DJ Snake’s debut album Encore, so we’ll just have to temper our anticipation until then. And if it’s a cover (the more likely outcome) rather than a super-stealthy collaboration, well, here’s hoping Selena officially releases her version at some point after DJ Snake’s album drops!