Trilby Beresford
Updated Feb 14, 2017 @ 5:26 pm

Although hard to believe, it’s been a full year since David Bowie passed away. Dealing with his loss is traumatic enough for us — his fans — so we can’t imagine what his friends and family must be going through.

On Instagram, Iman shared a bittersweet tribute to David Bowie, who she described as her “forever Valentine.”

If you just heard a POP, that was the sound of our heart breaking into pieces. Iman and Bowie were married for 23 years, and since his death she’s posted numerous emotional tributes about Bowie and his legendary musical legacy. This one cut to the core because it’s Valentines Day today.

We’re missing this guy all over again; he really was one of a kind.

via giphyAt the Grammys last Sunday, Bowie won five post-humous awards for Blackstar including Best Alternative Music Album and Best Rock Song. Iman congratulated him for those incredible wins via social media, and we just wish he had been there to receive them.

In a longer post on Instagram, Iman thanked Bowie’s team for their contribution to his breathtaking album.

The last music video that Bowie ever released, just four days before his death, was the sweeping goodbye anthem “Lazarus.” Obviously, we’re going to re-watch it now.

Love you David Bowie. At least we’ll always have your music.