It was the scream heard around the world. Tickets for Harry Styles’ tour went on sale today and sold out immediately. No really, they literally sold out in seconds. Proof positive that as a solo act, Harry is totally killing it.

Ticketmaster has created a new system called “Verified Fan.” The system keeps bots and scalpers from snatching up all the tickets. Fans have to register to receive a link and a code. They can use these to purchase tickets. On the initial registry page, fans were warned that tickets would sell out fast.

Harry Styles’ tour is the fastest to sell out using the “Verified Fan” process.

According to Billboard, the odds were stacked against fans from the beginning. First of all, for every ticket available, seven people registered for the chance to buy tickets. Furthermore, each person who got a code was able to claim up to 4 tickets. However, Ticketmaster is holding the tickets for seven days to make sure that no one purchased more tickets than allowed.

The 13-date American tour stops are all venues that are significantly smaller than Styles is used to.

It would have been easy to tour much larger venues. But Billboard writes that Styles chose smaller venues. Why? So fans could have a more intimate experience. Awww.

The tour announcement and ticket sales precede the release of Styles’ self-titled debut album. It doesn’t drop until May 12th. Three songs from the album have been released. First of all, there’s lead single “Sign of the Times.” Then, there’s “Ever Since New York.” And the newest release is “Sweet Creature.”

After the tour sold out, Harry took to Twitter to express his gratitude.

Just stop your cryin’, there will probably be another tour soon!