Harry Styles seems like a really good dude. Yeah, Taylor Swift wrote a bunch of songs about how he’s not good to date, but he recently stopped a concert to help a fan who was having a panic attack, and that is A+ human behavior.

Styles is currently on his first solo world tour and during his London show on Sunday night, a fan in the center of the most pit had a panic attack.

First of all, we don’t know how this doesn’t happen more often because being surrounded by a throng of screaming humans pushing their bodies onto you is terrifying. When a girl nearly passed out — Styles immediately stopped the show.

As his security guards searched for the girl, Styles told the audience “I just want everyone to feel safe.” The other fans directed security to the girl, who lifted her out of the crowd and to a safe space. Styles cooed to the crowd, “Please everyone just give her some space, and chill for a second.”

After several minutes, he asked the audience, “is everyone okay? I’ll start playing if everyone is alright.” When everyone confirmed that they were indeed “okay,” he launched back into his set. false

Uproxx identified the fan as a teenager named Annie, who posted about her experience on Twitter, before putting her account on private.

Styles reportedly gave her a ticket to return to the show the following night.