It was hard to get over the news that One Direction was taking a break. Luckily, Harry Styles will release his first-ever solo music video very, very soon. That way, all of those lost and heartbroken Directioners can have something incredible to cheer them up. And from the looks of it, the video will be glorious.

After Harry Styles announced a new solo album, he released two singles into the world to great critical praise. The first, a David Bowie-inspired track called “Sign of the Times,” is now getting a music video of its own. This will be a first for the artist, and hopefully the start to long and successful solo career.

What do we know so far?

Obviously, most of the details about the music video are being kept under wraps. With this in mind, Harry Styles dropped a tiny teaser trailer on Twitter early in the morning.

In addition to that, his recent Saturday Night Live performance gives us a clue as to what to expect from the singer.

Like a more mature sound.

Because going solo means finding your own sound, Harry Styles seems to be going for a more mature and polished style of music. Nevertheless, the familiar catchy melodies and choruses are present in the new singles. But the subject matter is a lot heavier than anything we’re used to from One Direction.

The teaser shows that same maturity carried over into the upcoming music video. Images of a waterfall, a thick forest, and a misty mountain are cut together into a 16-second promo. A figure can be seen soaring in the air up to the top of the mountain. Could this be Harry Styles himself? Ultimately, we will find out on May 8th. But all things considered, the teaser is already promising an artistic experience.