As if Hanson’s amazing Christmas album and accompanying music video wasn’t enough, Hanson is doing us another solid and hosting a livestreaming special. The whole shebang is in celebration of Hanson’s twenty-fifth anniversary (!!!) as a band. Which is absolutely something we want to celebrate, because “Mmmbop” is the ultimate song that defined our childhood. It’s a bold claim, we know, but we’re making it.

To accompany the release of Finally It’s Christmas, Hanson will be hosting a 1-2 hour livestreamed Christmas special on their Youtube Channel at 6 PM EST on December 15th.

*fangirl screaming, but like, dignified fangirl screaming*

Credit: Courtesy Hanson

The show will be streamed live from YouTube studios in New York, and will include the band (obviously) as well as a very lucky live studio audience. The stream will be composed of four parts, all of which we are equally amped about: a live performance, a Q&A with the in-studio fans, a Q&A with fans remotely via social media, and a — wait for it — SECRET SANTA GIFTING SESSION WITH FANS.

It’s almost too much, right? But wait, there’s more.

In addition to the live stream, there will be a few pre-recorded segments, like Christmas cooking hosted by Hanson, some behind-the-scenes footage, Christmas caroling, and some good ol’ nostalgia clips.

We’re here for all of this, basically. We love any opportunity to ~get to know~ one of our all-time favorite bands. And this live stream sounds like a great mix of holiday cheer and Hanson, both of which we are deeply devoted to.

Credit: Jiro Schneider

So to recap, clear your calendars for this Friday, December 15th at 6PM EST. You can watch the entire live stream here:

‘Tis the season