Rebecca Vineyard
November 28, 2016 5:24 pm

He’s got Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe Awards. Now composer Hans Zimmer is taking his show on the road, and performing U.S. concerts on tour. Film lovers know and love him, but even if you’re not a movie buff, you probably know Zimmer’s work. For example, Zimmer wrote the score for The Lion King, Inception, Batman, Superman, A League of Their Own, and oh gosh, the list goes onnnnnnn.

Of course, that wasn’t true. People came to the concerts, in droves. In fact, many of the 33 tour dates sold out. This prompted the composer to bring the show, entitled Hans Zimmer Revealed, to the U.S. Zimmer and his orchestra will play three dates in April.

Now, here’s the bad news: the three concerts are all on/near the West Coast. Zimmer and Co. will play San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas before spending the summer playing shows in Europe and Australia. Zimmer explains, “I want to see how different it is [from Europe]. I  want to see what the audiences are like. It’s a constant learning process.” Luckily, if all goes well, the concert will come back to the U.S. for more dates.

Those who attend will get to hear Lebo M sing the opening vocals of The Lion King in Zulu, though it might be less impressive knowing that the lyrics are basically just, “Here comes a lion.”

Zimmer has definitely scored some very dramatic and violent movies. But his contributions to the movies of our collective youth are huge. In addition to The Lion King, he also crafted the beloved score for Pirates of the Caribbean.

The arrangement of the Pirates score, and the concert itself, sounds super impressive. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed that more U.S. dates are added so we can all hear it in person!