Teri Wilson
Updated May 28, 2016 @ 5:47 pm
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Can we just say how much we love Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin? They’ve got to be the most respectful divorced couple on planet earth. For real, guys.

Just last week, they celebrated their daughter Apple’s 12th birthday as a family, even hiding from the terror of Thunder Mountain by ducking into a cave together at Disneyland. (We feel you, Gwyneth and Chris. We can’t handle it either.)

Then last night, they were completely sweet and adorable again when Gwyneth took Apple to visit her dad at work. Chris Martin had his own personal take-your-daughter to work day when Gwyneth jetted to Barcelona to bring Apple to a Coldplay concert. (Because when your dad is the frontman for a mega-famous rock band, that’s what visiting your dad at work entails.)

Gwyneth captured the moment in a completely PRESH Insta post that shows Martin blowing Apple a kiss from onstage and captioned it, “Sometimes your dad really needs you to visit him at work.” There’s also an accompanying apple emoji (because of course).

It looks like Paltrow and Martin are nailing the whole co-parenting thing. Color us impressed.

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Back at you, Chris Martin.