Remember that snowy night when it was cold outside, the darkness of winter prevailed, and the Christmas goat invited us all to an emotional moment around the fireplace? Um, no. We don’t remember that either, and it sort of seems like a pretty unforgettable occasion. But hey, there’s always this year . . . and just in time, the Christmas goat is HERE, you guys. With a song in his heart. A really, really loud song. Seriously, brace yourselves.

ActionAidSweden has put together an entire album of Christmas carols sung by (you guessed it) goats, and it’s every bit as glorious as it sounds. All I Want for Christmas is a Goat features eight holiday favorites sung exclusively by loud, bleating goats. (Pretty sure we mentioned the loudness thing before, but it bears repeating.) EIGHT. For the record, that’s a lot of goat singing.

We’re thinking this genius musical endeavor is destined to become a classic. Because goats rock, obviously. But also because the project has a serious, charitable purpose. ActionAidSweden’s mission is to fight global poverty, and they created All I Want for Christmas is a Goat to bring attention to the way goats can help people in poverty-stricken communities reach sustainability. The organization provides dairy goats to families in arid climates unable to grow crops. The goats provide much-needed wool and milk. ActionAidSweden calls the animals, “a gift that leads to lasting change.”

But we also just love this album because we’ve always wanted to hear what a goat singing Silent Night sounds like. (Spoiler alert: not so silent.) Check out this special brand of holiday magic in the video below:

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[Image and video via ActionAidSweden on YouTube.]