Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 27, 2016 1:25 pm
Brian Rasic/Getty Images

We’re still getting over the incredibly tragic news of George Michael’s passing. We thought we were joking when we said 2016 was the worst year ever, but, honestly, we might be right. But there’s an unexpected bright spot in this tragedy, and it’s that new people are discovering his amazing talent. Ever since George Michael’s death, his music is even more popular than ever, or at least is popular in a new way, because people can’t stop listening to the icon on Spotify.

The fact that George Michael’s Spotify streams have increased over 3,000 percent (3,158, in fact) is pretty darn impressive, if we do say so ourselves. The songs are a mix of solo tracks and songs from Wham! the group he formed with Andrew Ridgeley in the ’80s. The pop icon and gay rights advocate seriously made an impact, and the fact that his music lives on is proof of what a role he played in our world.

So what songs are causing George Michael’s Spotify streams to blow up? According to Billboard, fans are newly obsessed with these popular hits.

1The extremely festive “Last Christmas” clearly makes the list.

2One of our absolute favorites, “Careless Whisper.”

3The seriously *always* popular “Faith.”

4“Freedom! ’90,” on of our go-tos.

5And, of course, “Wake Me up Before You Go-Go,” the song that’ll be stuck in your head forever, but in a good way.

Thank you, George Michael, for giving the world so very much music magic. We will never forget you.