1998 MTV Video Music Award Arrivals
Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

Alt-rock band, Garbage, has been one of our favorite bands for decades, and lead singer, Shirley Manson, forever owns our hearts as one of the baddest rock and roll queens of the ’90s.

Credit: Bob Carey/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The song, called “Magnetized,” is as sonically unique as we’ve come to expect Garbage’s music to be, complete with a powerful and dramatic chorus. But the music video takes it to a whole new level of eerie fabulosity, thanks to the multiple characters Manson portrays. It’s premiere is perfectly timed for Halloween.

Credit: GarbageVEVO/YouTube

Also shout out to her cyclops assistants with iPads for eyes, as noted by SPIN.

The whole thing is fantastically bizarre, with a story line involving a young redheaded girl (little Shirley?) transforming into a creepy demon child at the hands of a mad scientist, amidst closeups of eyeballs and static television screens.

Watch the whole thing and remember why Shirley Manson embodied all your ~cool girl~ dreams as a youth (well, she still embodies them…).