Madison Vanderberg
Updated Nov 21, 2017 @ 3:47 pm

Did you know that Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things is in a band? Yep, your fave Finn Wolfhard is the frontman for an indie band comprised entirely of teenagers. The band’s name is Calpurnia and they totally remind us of the resident band at our own high schools, except way better, and now Wolfhard’s indie band has a bonafide record deal.

Earlier this year, Wolfhard’s band covered a Twin Peaks song called “Wanted You,” and Twin Peaks was so impressed with the cover that their singer Cadien Lake is going to sub in on lead vocals and record an EP with Wolfhard’s band. The kids also signed to Canadian label Royal Mountain Records, which is a big deal for a band comprised entirely of 14-year-olds.

Wolfhard put out the following statement after the record deal was announced.

“It is so sweet that we have such a good team at Royal Mountain Records. I love everyone on it. I’m extremely excited to record our EP with Cadien Lake James. Not only is he in one of my favorite bands of all time, and recorded some of my favorite songs, but he is also the sweetest guy ever,” Wolfhard wrote in the statement. “Thanks everyone so much who helped us out along the way, it means the world. <3.”

Imagine Stranger Things Season 3 now that a ~rockstar~ is in the cast.

Here’s the aforementioned cover with Wolfhard on lead vocals.

Calpurnia seems to only do covers at the moment but as evidenced by this video, the band already has a ton of screaming teenage fans.

Could Finn Wolfhard ascend to Harry Styles status?