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If you’ve been wondering what happened to the talented ladies of Fifth Harmony since band member Camila Cabello decided to part ways in favor of a solo career, the group is forging ahead as a foursome.

In fact Fifth Harmony is back on the rehearsal grind, and ready to smash it with everything they’ve got.

And although the remaining girls are probably feeling the loss of Cabello, who was with the band for the last four years, they responded back in December and wished her well on her new path. There’s nothing wrong with some healthy change every now and then, and tons of groups go through member-swaps that are complicated at the time, but level out in the end.

In the case of Fifth Harmony, stuff is happening fast! Their first performance without Cabello will actually be this Wednesday at the People’s Choice Awards (where they’re nominated for “Favorite Group”), so all hands are on deck.

Yes, LET’S! We can’t wait to see and hear what Fifth Harmony have in store for the world as a foursome, and we know that they’ll continue to break boundaries and wow us with their heavenly vocals.

OH! And these go-getters are touring this year to promote their 7/27 album (which is epic AF), so 2017 is starting off with a big bang for this band.

We’re wishing Fifth Harmony the very best of luck at the People’s Choice Awards, but whatever happens, we’re 100% on board and excited to discover who Fifth Harmony are as a four-piece. Go girls!