Kenya Foy
December 19, 2016 9:09 am

If it’s been a while since you’ve taken a road trip with the squad, Fergie’s “Life Goes On” video will inspire you to round up your traveling companions, gas up the ride, and head for the hills. The visuals for the singer’s second Double Duchess single which we’ve fittingly nicknamed Big Girls Don’t Cry part two after her similarly contemplative 2007 song — are basically what we all want to do with our lives every single day.

If we could take the some of the advice Fergie gave her younger self, we’d be living la vida Fergie every weekend because her dreamy new video depicts the perfect escape from all of life’s stresses.

For one, we probably wouldn’t be stressed TF out if we drove this scenic route every day:

And rolling with badass grandma Baddie Winkle?! COUNT US IN.

This beach party is way too lit, y’all. Honestly, the only thing it’s missing is some jacks and Uno cards.

Basically “Life Goes On” is one of those songs that tries to convince us to chill out and kind of go with the flow, because even though we may look like we know exactly what we’re doing, we’re all basically winging it in this thing called life. As Fergie sings in the thoughtful track, “Life goes on with or without you/It’s up to you what you’re gonna do/You could go or you could stay/Who cares anyway?/Life goes on with or without you.”

Precisely, Fergie. We’re not exactly sure which direction we’re headed in, but it would be nice if there’s a beach, some groovy vibes and a bonfire waiting on us wherever we happen to end up.