Caitlin Gallagher
March 15, 2017 3:07 pm

Even though we had been anticipating new music from Feist, it turns out that the Canadian musician wasn’t quite ready for the official news to be unleashed upon the world. After it was reported that Feist’s new album is called Pleasure and will be released April 28th, the artist took to Twitter to explain her hesitation and inspiration for her first album since 2011’s Metals.

While six years feels like a long time for new music, Feist hasn’t been out of the music scene. As NPR noted, she was in Jenny Lewis’ music video for “She’s Not Me” and she was featured on Peaches’ 2015 album Rub. Plus, she is contributing to Broken Social Scene’s upcoming album.

But we are SO excited for something directly from Feist — even if she was apprehensive to share it with the world.

As she shared on Twitter, she didn’t know it would be announced on March 14th that Pleasure was being released. But now that the word is out, she decided to give some intel on the new album.

Feist wrote that she made the album with Renaud Letang, who she has been working with since 2004’s Let It Die. And Mocky started working with Feist during her 2007 breakout album — The Reminderwhich featured songs “1234,” “My Moon, My Man,” and “I Feel It All.” So we know Pleasure is gonna be good.

She also used Twitter to explain how she was “raw” while recording this new album and says that’s where the name came from.

You can read her whole message (and admire the gorgeous cover art) about Pleasure on her Instagram.

We need some brightness planted in our lives, so Feist’s new album coming out in April will certainly help cheer up our spring.