This two year old is our new favorite Adele impersonator

Apologies to those Adele impersonators from that viral video, this two-year-old just outshined them all. Bexlee, clearly a big fan of the singer’s music, couldn’t resist mouthing along when the single “Hello” came on the radio. It’s pretty hilarious.

While she starts out kind of timid, it’s immediately clear she feels the song on a deep, emotional level. As it begins to crescendo, Bexlee gets more and more into it, until she’s “lip-syncing” (read: just kind of making some amazing emotional faces with her mouth open) with the full force of an experienced and dramatic performer.

This is just another example of how Adele is infiltrating all of our lives, even if some of us aren’t quite old enough to understand why. Either way, it’s magic, and absolutely heartwarming.

(Image via YouTube)

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