P. Claire Dodson
Updated Aug 21, 2017 @ 2:34 pm

We can always trust Father John Misty to have, uh, interesting takes on pop culture. The musician’s latest opinion involves everyone’s favorite childhood birthday party spot: Chuck E. Cheese’s, of course. (Sidebar: Remember when Nick Jonas as in a Chuck E. Cheese’s commercial?) The playland and pizzeria recently announced it would retire its animatronic character bands. Understandably, this affected Misty on a deeply personal level.

So, Father John Misty wrote a powerful eulogy to those mechanical Chuck E. Cheese’s performers and posted it on Facebook.

He managed to pay tribute to Chuck’s work ethic while putting him in the context of American neoliberalism, a not unimpressive feat.

First, let’s remember what watching those robot bands is like.

Wow, that was really something. Misty wrote that he had an appreciation of Chuck from an early age. Now, as a professional musician, he respects the mouse even more.

Misty brings up a good point — that band worked very hard.

Misty also paid homage to Chuck’s unique musical style, a style all his own.

And of course, Misty related this all back to neoliberalism and the economy.

Wow. Just wow. Here’s the full piece in all its glory:

Somewhere in animatronic heaven, Chuck is grinning.