Krista Jensen
December 21, 2016 3:02 pm
Robin Marchant / Getty Images

What do you do when your ride or die band is in danger of falling apart? You do what thousands of fans are doing, and you beg Demi Lovato to save Fifth Harmony. After the only half-surprising departure of Camila Cabello this week from the X-Factor formed girlband, leaked audio was released of member Lauren Jauregui complaining about the mistreatment of the group by their management. Together, fans are fearing that the group might need saving. So where does Demi come in? “Harmonizers” are now reaching out on Twitter to ask that Lovato sign Fifth Harmony’s four remaining members to Safehouse Records, the label she founded with Nick Jonas.

So what do we think? Can Demi Lovato save the day?

Fans have already established the hashtag #DemiSave5HSafehouse to support the label signing. While 5H has been more than clear about its intentions to continue on as a group of four (hey, four is the way to go, anyway. Ever hear of The Beatles?), fans still seem to think that losing a member is a sign of the end.

According to TeenVogue: “Fans are asking Lovato to not only speak on the matter and make the group’s current turmoil her business, but also to oust their management,” regarding adding the women to her aptly named Safehouse Records and ditching their current representation by Broadcast Music Inc.

The group has history with Demi and seem to be in good standing, so what’s a favor for some friends around Christmas?

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Help us, Demi Lovato. You’re our only hope!