jessica tholmer
July 10, 2014 11:47 am

In a best news ever announcement, Stevie Nicks is apparently joining The Voice as an adviser to Team Levine for the show’s upcoming season.

Nicks, of course, is going to make an awesome adviser. Not only does she have an incredible background in writing music, singing music, playing music, and performing music, but she also totally understands every feeling that has ever happened to any human being ever, basically. I could not appreciate Nicks more—as a woman, as a heart-wrenched soul, as a person who likes to cry while listening to music. The Voice is lucky to have her, and so are we.

In honor of the announcement, a special edition of EINTKILF.

EINTKILF Stevie Nicks

1. “Time makes you bolder.”

Well, I can only pray that this is the truth, you guys.

The song “Landslide” means so much to me. In my senior year assembly, I led the sign language song that is performed every year. I picked “Landslide,” though I chose the Dixie Chicks’ cover because the harmonizing at the end looked really gorgeous with sign language hand motions. Regardless, these are Nicks’ words, and as I signed, “time makes you bolder / even children get older,” it took all of my being to hold it together until the song was over. I stepped off the podium and into the arms of a dear friend, bursting into a sobbing mess.

But time does make us bolder, right? We don’t even have much of a choice. With time comes experience, with experience comes knowledge, with knowledge comes power. In the end, we can all be bold.

2. “Races are run/some people win/some people always have to lose.”

. . .and I would advise you to refrain from being the kind of person who always has to lose. A mentor-type lady in my life told me once that some people will do anything to prove that they are right, even pushing their loved ones away just to prove that their loved ones will one day leave them. I know this is a depressing conversation, but it is really important to acknowledge that there are people that win—the people who hold their heads up high, and have confidence in themselves, and who love wholeheartedly. And the people who lose—they have to lose, because they have to be right. It is a silly way to live your life. Do not be that person.

3. “When you grow up as a girl, the world tells you the things that you are supposed to be: emotional, loving, beautiful, wanted. And then when you are those things, the world tells you they are inferior: illogical, weak, vain, empty.”

I have always gotten flack for admitting that I think I am pretty, and for putting time and effort into my appearance, for talking about boys and celebrities. And at the same time, I have been criticized for being disinterested, harsh, “a bitch,” bossy. I cannot be everything that everyone expects me to be. I do think I am pretty, but I take about 20 minutes to get ready for anything, work or going out or even a date. I do love with my whole heart, and I care about way too many people, but I can and, likely will, snap, or just not care about some of your problems. I do really like boys and being flirty, but that does not mean that I am incapable of wholly loving one person, and in fact, I think nothing is more important than experiencing all kinds of relationships and learning from them.

Be yourself, all of it.

4. “If you really want to save yourself a whole lot of heartache, do not fall in love with somebody in a band. Just don’t.”

I have said it before, and I will say it again, and if Nicks says it, it has to be true. But it’s cool, you know, to say you used to date a drummer or something.

5. “Players only love you when they’re playing.”

There are zero things I can add to that statement. We have all been warned.

Now I’m counting down to the new season of The Voice!

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