Early this morning, December 15th, Eminem dropped Revival, his first album in four years. The 19 tracks include collaborations with the likes of Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Pink, and Alicia Keys. These big names, matched with Eminem’s history of selling millions of records, make for a news-worthy album. But now, only a few hours after Revival went live, there’s a solid battle line drawn between two sides. Some fans adore the new release, and others think it’s a “trainwreck.”

Music critic Dom Needham, who wrote a review for The Guardian, falls in the latter camp. He wrote:


But Rolling Stone reviewers Elias Leight, Mosi Reeves, Al Shipley, and Simon Vozick-Levinson disagree with Needham’s take on Revival. They’re much more understanding of Eminem’s message.

And of course, Twitter has many thoughts.

There are those who love it —



— and those who don’t.

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Revival is already at the #13 spot on the iTunes Top Albums chart. So love it or hate it, Eminem’s album is making waves. Let us know your thoughts!