Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Oh man, Eminem just dropped his new Donald Trump diss track and it’s pretty intense!

The 44-year-old rapper has never been one to shy away from controversy and his latest single, “Campaign Speech,” is no exception. On Wednesday, Eminem dropped his new song on Twitter and revealed that he is working on a new album.

“Campaign Speech,” is definitely political and intense and proves that Eminem is NOT a fan of presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

The rapper also attacks the candidate’s supporters within the song. 😬😬😬

Despite the song’s hateful words towards Trump, back in 2004 the two celebrities weren’t fighting against one another. Instead, Trump was nominating Eminem for president at a Shady Party launch event in honor of Eminem’s fourth album, Encore.

Mother Jones previously reported that Trump gave a speech and everything showing his admiration for Eminem and his career as the rapper also launched a hip-hop channel on Sirius satellite radio.


Clearly, these feelings are no longer valid based on Eminem’s new song. Listen to the diss track yourself and tell us your thoughts in the comments.