The thing about Elvis is that he never, ever gets old. Not even on the occasion of his 80th birthday (which happens to be today). No matter how long it’s been since the king of rock n’ roll reigned, there will always be super-fans spending mad money on Elvis memorabilia. In fact, there’s even a new generation of Elvis collectors out there, as witnessed by all the awesome arts, crafts and random stuff on—where else?—Etsy. So to honor the king, and his new legion of fans, here’s some cool, new-era Elvis items you should totally consider including in your Elvis shrine.

Wall Decal by MyArtCanvas

With a minimalist image of Elvis himself and a quote from his song “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” this wall decal makes kind of a big statement. But come on, look how cool it is.

Wood Wall Art by Planetasierra

Hand cut by the artist with a scroll saw, this unique piece of art is one intense pop tribute.

Engraved Music Box by JVKWOODWORK

Rather keep the King close at hand? Hide treasures in this adorable, engraved music box. It features a silhouette of the man himself, and plays “Love Me Tender.”

TCB Ring by itz8686

Take some words of wisdom with you by rocking this sterling silver ring, engraved with a lightning bolt and Elvis’ own motto: Taking Care of Business.

Earrings by DesignsbyChastity

Made with pearls and Swarovski crystals, these sweet handmade earrings feature an early image of Elvis front and center.

Vinyl Decal by LynarGraphics

Welcome to 2015, Elvis. How about adding this decal of a young, hunky Elvis to your Mac? Just a thought.

Tote Bag by BeilleAccessories

A bunch of pictures of Elvis on a tote bag. It’s about time.

Vinyl Art by RecordsRedone

This is one awesome way to recycle scratched vinyl albums. Pop this bright blue Elvis album cut into a silhouette of the man himself on the wall for a retro burst of color.

Silhouette by TheShadowStudio

This black framed silhouette is a great but understated homage to Elvis, perfect for a little unexpected rock and roll.

Art Block by Patrick Lajoie

This is one of our faves. An image, featuring Elvis singing through an apartment window, has been transferred onto a small wood block. That’s all. Also how cool is that?

Art Print by TheLemonPeel

Elvis was the original hipster. And this screen print pays homage to his hipstery-ness quite well, don’t you think?

Wall Decal by BoopDecals

Yes, you need ANOTHER Elvis wall decal. This one is just a quote. And that quote is perfect.

(All images via Etsy)