Kenya Foy
Updated July 12, 2017

Technically, Take Your Cat to Work Day was a couple of weeks ago, but since late is better than never, Ed Sheeran teased tour dates with his cats’ assistance, Us Weekly reports. No worries, though: The “Galway Girl” singer basically did all of the heavy lifting. In fact, the most challenging part of the job required the cats to lie down and look cute while being filmed. Easy money, ya know?

In one of the most adorable moments we’ve seen between a famous guy and his cats, Sheeran — joined by his furry friends — told fans via Instagram that additional European tour dates would be announced on Tuesday, July 11.

Instead of giving his followers some actual face time, the 26-year-old musician included a video of his two cats lounging around, napping, yawning, stretching and generally being lazy AF.

Although these cats appear to be less than concerned than we are about their human’s most exciting announcement, we think using them to tease tour dates is actually pretty clever. Seriously, if these cats and their sleepy mugs don’t help Sheeran sell concert tickets, we’re not sure what will (other than his wonderful music, obviously).

On Tuesday, the singer revealed two additional dates in Ireland for his UK tour, which starts in 2018 and is nearly sold out already (c’mon, give the cats their credit, y’all). Currently, fans can catch Sheeran live in the US and Canada before he heads overseas to Asia and Australia.