Drake released a super old school video for Sneakin’ and we’re loving it

Every time we hear new stuff from Drake, it’s something we wouldn’t expect (in a good way!). And in a time when most movies and music videos are ridiculously flashy,  Drake’s latest release is kind of a breath of fresh air.

If you haven’t seen it, Drake’s new music video for Sneakin’ is grainy and lo-fi, and we’re absolutely loving it.

Remember when we heard that he was releasing new music very soon and we got that (amazing) preview of Sneakin’ from his upcoming project More Life? Or when we lost it over his 23-minute short film? Well get ready for more.

It’s kinda hard to see what’s going on here, but Drake appears with his collaborator 21 Savage, and there’s a lot of red light. We’re actually digging the old-school look they went for.

Don’t usually see music videos like this, right? Way to make excellent use of a parking lot, a club, and a couple of insanely talented rappers.

Oh hey, Drake’s embracing the grain on Instagram too!

We can’t wait to hear and see more from Drake’s new project, and a big congrats on this video!