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Ever since Drake began his Summer Sixteen tour, we’ve been eagerly awaiting insider stories — such as the time he invited Rihanna and Lil Wayne to perform on stage with him, or the day when he snapped a photo with everyone’s favorite president, Kevin Spacey.

But sadly, it looks like we’ll be waiting a little while for more touring shenanigan news, because Drake left an emotional statement on this blog announcing that he’s on strict bedrest after suffering an ankle injury.

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Of course, he’s not letting anybody down. Taking care of ones health is an absolute priority (we saw another example of this recently with Demi Lovato taking time away from the spotlight), especially in a profession that demands such athleticism and stamina in order to rehearse, travel and perform on a regular basis.

Drake went on to reassure his fans that he’ll be back – not that we had any doubts!

We wish Drake a full recovery, and can’t wait till he’s back on stage doing what he does best.