Channing Sargent
Updated Aug 31, 2016 @ 2:43 pm
Smiling woman listening to headphones in subway
Credit: iStock

On Google Play this summer, there was only one song of the summer:

“One Dance” by Drake.

The song, which features vocals by U.K. singer Kyla and Nigerian singer Wizkid was the most streamed track on Google Play this summer, on both U.S. and global charts.

Drake is tapped into human consciousness, apparently, knowing that fans across the world would “need a one dance.”

The world has been consuming this song in huge numbers despite there being no official music video. We can expect one soon, though, as Drake was spotted filming in South Africa in June.

In the meantime, we’ve obsessed over Drake’s SNL performance of the song, in which he dances solo in a club-lit cube. Every time we break out in dance to the song, we feel these lights flashing down on us as we sing along, “higher powers taking a hold on me.”

The track is undeniably catchy and versatile. We find ourselves pulling it up while working out, driving, pre-gaming, dancing. But, just in case you need to mix things up a bit (we still don’t), here’s the full list of Google Play’s most U.S.-streamed songs of summer 2016: