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Get ready for your heart to melt, because this dad from Hollywood, Birmingham just wrote the lullaby to end all lullabies. Twenty-nine year old Matthew Finch was challenged by a former band member to write a song for his newborn daughter Ivy. But he didn’t write just any song, he wrote a lullaby about where he imagines his little girl goes in her dreams —and it’s beautiful.

“I’m not that good at the soppy dad stuff,” he told UK’s The Mirror. “So I decided to do it about her having a dream.”

He’s just being modest, because it sounds like he’s great at the soppy dad stuff—and the world agrees. After posting the song, a simple melody about the adventures Ivy has in her dreams, on Facebook, the video gained over seven thousand views by morning.

For Finch, this was completely unexpected:

While Finch is definitely talented, we have Ivy to thank for taking it that extra mile. Her dad said that she was a big help in the writing process:

And we’d love to hear them! Take a listen to the song below:

(Image via YouTube)