Johnni Macke
September 04, 2016 7:59 am
Warner Bros.

Coldplay just performed a phenomenal tribute to Gene Wilder and it’s giving us all the feels! Sadly on August 29, the world lost a legend when Wilder passed away, but his legacy lives on in more ways than one, including this spectacular musical tribute by the British rock band.

Wilder is known for many famous roles, but one of his most iconic roles was playing Willy Wonka in the 1971 film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Warner Bros./

Even though the actor, who died at age 83, is no longer with us, his love of the world and the happiness he brought to the big screen are still alive and well, in the form of numerous tributes from his co-stars (like Peter Ostrum) and fans alike.

Coldplay took the stage on the same night Wilder passed away, and played their own cover of “Pure Imagination” as tribute and it was a HUGE hit.

Chris Martin nailed every line and even the dream-like wonder the song creates in his performance.

We were not the only ones totally touched.

Yep. We’re grabbing the tissues and playing this on repeat for a while.