Trilby Beresford
September 02, 2016 11:04 am
NBC/Getty Images

The reality of Christina Grimmie’s tragic passing still hurts, but in the past few weeks we’ve been comforted by the fact that her family has been releasing her beautifully intimate music in a four-track posthumous narrative EP called The Ballad of Jessica Blue

In the story, Grimmie plays a character named Jessica who’s navigating her music career while experiencing the trials and tribulations of growing up (namely, dating. Because it’s really hard, no matter who you are).

The first in the collection was “Snow White,” and then came “Anybody’s You” and “Deception.” Now it’s time for the final video, titled “Without Him.”

The video not only highlights Grimmie’s talent as a singer, but her keen ability as an actress. She projects confidence, attitude, charm, and personality — everything that made her such a powerful performer.

Also, we get to see her working the crowd up on stage, doing what she did best.

Here’s the video. Make sure you have tissues close by… this is arguably her most emotional and raw song yet, and it quite possibly might cause some tears.

We’re glad that we still get to enjoy Grimmie’s music after the unspeakable tragedy, but we miss her terribly. Our love goes out to her friends and family, and we hope they know how much we appreciate all they’ve done to keep the music alive.