Though Carrie Fisher is gone, she’s never really going to leave us. Her life and legacy continues to live on in the Star Wars trilogy, but unfortunately, just like with everything, there are limits. Contrary to recent reports that Fisher would reprise her role as Leia in the far-off Star Wars: Episode IX, it turns out she will not be in the movie. Our time with Leia is drawing to a close.

Last week, Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher, mentioned that thanks to some previous-filmed footage, Lucasfilm and Disney were going to use the scenes to bring Leia back to the big screen — and we cheered. After Fisher’s passing in December it was made clear that Lucasfilm would NOT digitally recreate the actress (we cheered) and it was always assumed that somehow, she’d made an appearance. Supposedly, there are two huge Leia scenes coming up: a reunion with her brother, Luke; and a reunion with her son, Ben Kylo Ren.

While it’s possible both of these things will still happen, they’re just going to have to happen in The Last Jedi if they do happen.

This hurts. IDK about you, but the thought of seeing Carrie appear in the last movie of this trilogy was something to cling onto (and give us hope). But now, not so much. We can safety say that without a doubt, Carrie’s presence will be felt in Episode IX, it’s just going to be a shame not to actually see her up on the big screen like everyone else.

Kennedy unfortunately doesn’t elaborate as to what kind of storyline we’ll see for Leia in Last Jedi, or how her absence will be addressed in the last movie. We’ll have tissues ready for however it plays out.