Krista Jensen
January 06, 2017 1:53 pm

If a babymoon is a vacation you take right before you have a baby, then what’s it called when you take a vacation right before you absolutely take over the world with your music? Just ask Camila Cabello, who’s currently vacationing in Cancun during this small bout of downtime. Cabello made headlines over the past year for slowly distancing herself from superstar girl group Fifth Harmony before finally cutting ties for good this past December. The group reunited for a final five performance on New Years Eve, but it’s safe to say Camila has left group-life in 2016. She is a solo entity now, and Cancun seems like the perfect place to celebrate one’s imminent world domination.

“I LUV CANCUN” Camila captioned two gorgeous shots of herself lounging before blue waters and rainbow sunsets.

Camila had spent a ton of time in Mexico as a young girl and obviously has strong ties because of it. When she’d played Mexico arenas in late 2016 with 5H, she’d tweet in Spanish to her fans, calling the shows in Mexico “a dream for [her]” and “the most emotional of her career.” It’s no wonder she’s drawn back to the gorgeous landscapes and major vacation vibes of Cancun on her short break from the madness of touring and managing a budding solo career.

If you’re still tan and toned after a few months of Christmas cookies and mostly under-blanket-living, major kudos to you. We’d be flaunting it in pics also.

This week marked Fifth Harmony’s first release of a group photo with no Cabello in sight. Judging by these instagram shots, exactly how many f’s do you think Camila’s giving? Our guess is a big whopping zero.