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We can’t imagine how it feels to get shot down by Harry Potter, but one musician is kinda sorta familiar with being dissed by The Boy Who Lived. Apparently, a song Bruce Springsteen wrote for a Harry Potter film was rejected. During an interview with BBC Radio 2, Springsteen revealed that he penned a ballad titled “I’ll Stand By You Always,” but unfortunately, the film’s producers decided to pass on it.

While this is obviously a huge bummer, we’ll consider it yet another life lesson we’ve learned from Springsteen: You’re never too popular to get rejected. Seriously, it happens to the best (and worst) of us, and eventually life goes on.

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But we can’t follow life on its path of continuity until we learn a little more about Springsteen’s brutally rebuffed tune. The singer told the BBC:

Ouch. Well that just added insult to injury. The song wasn’t a good fit for the film and it was a sappy declaration of love for Springsteen’s kid? That sucks so hard, but we suppose if he isn’t taking it personally, we should be able to get over our hurt feelings as well, but we might need a signed excuse from Springsteen to take a few days off to recover.