Alim Kheraj
July 14, 2016 2:10 am
Facebook/Britney Spears

In between sharing yoga memes, pictures of piglets, tiny mouse houses, and adorable selfies with her two lovely boys, Britney Spears is also the queen of the Las Vegas Strip, has the biggest selling celebrity perfume and, oh, is one of the biggest popstars on the PLANET.

We previously teased that the 34-year-old was about to drop the commercial for her new perfume, titled Private Show, which was allegedly inspired by Britney’s love of performing (and iced coffee), and now the singer has done just that. While we were already excited about the prospects of a new scent, we were not expecting to hear nearly a minute of a BRAND NEW SONG. Safe to say we freaked out a little bit…


The song, also titled “Private Show,” is the first official taste of new music we’ve had from Ms. Spears since last year’s single “Pretty Girls,” a collaboration with rappy Iggy Azalea, and is reported to be taken from Brit’s new album.

In true Britney fashion, it seems that, sonically, she’s mixing it up again. The song, which was co-written by Carla Marie Williams, sounds like a sexy ’60s inspired track, with Britney seriously serving confidence on those vocals.

The accompanying commercial is H-O-T, with Britney, well, putting on a private show for one, as she dances on stage. It’s so cool to see Britney confident again and to hear her distinctive voice clearly without studio trickery.

Entertainment Tonight/Britney Spears

If releasing a new perfume wasn’t enough, the singer is also prepping for the release of her brand new single, “Make Me (Ooh),” featuring rapper G-Eazy. Unfortunately for Brit, the song and it’s video began leaking online. The track, rumoured to be produced by up-and-coming producer BURNS, is a sultry mid-tempo jam that oozes sensuality, and we’re pretty positive it’ll be a massive hit.

But, in the meantime, while we wait for “Make Me (Ooh)” to drop, watch Britney’s new perfume commercial and hear a snippet of “Private Show” below.

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Like, seriously though, is this 2003? Are we finally seeing the true renaissance of Britney Spears? Well, if this is anything to go by we’re saying YAS.

Britney Spears/Facebook