britney spears
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Our girl Britney Spears has been killing it this year. Her new album, Glory, comes out tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow, so you should probably start mentally preparing now. Her single “Make Me” came out in July and reminded the world why she’s a pop goddess. Not to mention, she’s basically killing it on Instagram as one of the coolest celeb moms on the planet.

Now, Britney’s blowing our minds even more, teasing that she’d be up for performing at the Super Bowl halftime show.

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When asked about the possibility of a Super Bowl performance, Britney told Billboard, “Yes, I would probably do that.”

Yeah, you heard us right. And can we say, we might even consider watching football to see that!

The last time Britney performed at the Super Bowl was 2001.

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She performed with NSYNC, Aerosmith and Mary J. Blige, and it was pretty epic. We would love to see the kind of kick ass performance Britney could put together now!

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Can you imaging if Britney brought the kind of performance that she’s been doing the past couple years, in Vegas and beyond?

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Those football fans won’t know what hit them one more time! She’ll drive us all crazy!

Britney, we so want to see you on that halftime stage!