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Bon Iver decided to make their next tour a bit more meaningful — instead of just playing songs off of their new album, 22, A Million, they also wanted to raise awareness for issues like abuse, gender inequality, and domestic violence. Their campaign is called “2 A Million,” and they’ll be pairing up with local nonprofits at each tour stop.

For example, the band will be starting off their tour in California — and to help start the campaign, they connected with multiple women’s empowerment organizations in the area through Twitter. Likewise, when fans go to their shows, they’ll see a “2 A Million” booth set up that’ll offer up information, friendly faces, and people who want to make sure that men and women are treated equally, and with respect.

Of course, even those not attending a show can help put an end to inequality and violence. By texting 2AM to 56512, you can make a donation towards the cause.

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Tomorrow, the tour truly kicks off — they’ll be playing three back-to-back dates in California, before heading to New York in December. From there, they have a bunch of tour dates overseas, in countries like Germany, Belgium, and England.

We’re so thrilled to see yet another band make a big difference! If you have tickets to a Bon Iver show in the near future, you’ll definitely want to check out their campaign.