Rachel Charlene Lewis
August 04, 2016 4:43 pm
Kevin Winter/BET/Getty Images for BET

How do we even talk about Beyoncé? Just saying her name makes us feel like we need to bow down, or at least become the backup dancers to her inherent glory. She’s proven, once again, her superior talent in this *incredible* Spanish version of  “Irreplaceable,” or “Irreemplazable.”

She sang the Spanish version of the song for her audience in Barcelona as a part of her Formation World Tour. Like us, her fans freaked out and sang along (because who doesn’t know every word of every Beyoncé song?) and recorded it, because, like, what a moment to be a part of.

The Beyhive did what it does best and captured the stunning performance so even those who have never been to Barcelona can enjoy the lovely rendition, too.

We don’t know if we should cry or dance, so maybe we’ll just do some combo of both. Thank you, Queen Bey, for continuing to breathe life into our lungs and sustain us with your ~glory~.

Giphy / Warner Bros.