Rachel Sanoff
Updated Jul 29, 2016 @ 4:03 pm
Credit: Larry Busacca/PW/Getty Images

So, somehow, Brazil is going meme-crazy with a story of Beyoncé kidnapping Sia and keeping her in a dungeon-like hostage situation to write hit pop songs for her.

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Let’s review.

Those tweeting in English are using the hashtag, #SaveSia, to post the findings of their investigations into this conspiracy. false

Lots of painstaking research into years of clues…

Those tweeting in Portuguese refer to Beyoncé’s “cativeiro,” or secret room where kidnapping victims are typically held hostage.

As reported by BuzzFeed, this translates to “Recent images of the singer and songwriter Sia being held hostage by Beyoncé.”

And they are employing their graphic design skills to tell the story.


Snapchat users were even taking advantage of a Sia-themed filter to get the word out.

This translates to “Chilling here while being held hostage by Beyoncé.”

So… how did we get here?

Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images

Ryan Broderick, who reported on this fascinating meme conspiracy in-depth for BuzzFeed, believes it may stem from a 2015 article from Billboard, in which Sia discusses her experiences writing for various pop stars and describes Beyoncé’s “writing camps”:

“Not true of artists like Beyonce, with whom Sia says collaborating is ‘like a writing camp’ and that ‘she’s very Frankenstein when she comes to the songs,’ taking bits and pieces from various songwriters and asking to hear them mixed together. ‘In the end, she had maybe 25 songs of mine on hold, and I was very excited to get a couple of them back. Definitely one is on the album.'”

Broderick also reports that a Brazilian messageboard called Pandlr takes credit for starting the meme, which seems to reference the #SaveMarinaJoyce hashtag that spread across Twitter earlier this week. Broderick says that countless Brazilian social media users have excitedly reached out to him after breaking the story, writing that “The responses actually completely depleted my phone’s data plan and bricked my phone.”

Never change, internet???